Towing & Transport

Heavy Equipment Moving and Hauling

C&L Towing’s specialty is heavy equipment hauling — local and nationwide. We have a wide range of transport trailers that includes standard trailers, double-drop trailers and stretch trailers. Our custom bus trailer accommodates 65-foot charter buses. We design trailers around the load, including trailers with up to 13 axles to handle loads over 100 tons. Our heavy hauling fleet also includes a custom-built double-drop stretch trailer with a 65-foot well.

With 20 years in the heavy hauling business, we know the permitting process for heavy and oversized loads. We know the permits each state requires, proper arrangements to make, and provide certified escort vehicles.

This means fewer headaches and hassles for you. To move equipment safely and efficiently, our customers trust no one else.

As an added service, our rotators can be used to take apart oversized loads in preparation for transport.