Specialized Equipment

C&L Towing’s articulating, knuckle-boom cranes can transport and deliver large cargo at low cost. These specialty trucks have a bed to carry equipment and a folding crane to off-load it at any location, going where conventional cranes cannot. We deliver generators, air conditioning and heating units, compressors, transformers, etc. From setting up generators in emergencies to delivering equipment for movie sets and golf tournaments, to name a few examples, we have the equipment to fulfill our customer’s particular needs.

Our fleet has all-terrain forklifts to expedite off-loading and load transfers, and front-end loaders for accident scene cleanup. We maintain our own trailers, including refrigerated trailers to protect our customer’s cargo if needed.

To best upright loaded trailer units intact with the least possible damage to trucks and cargo, our fleet is equipped with the latest air cushion recovery systems.

After a parking garage collapse, some 40 cars were stranded under a main building two stories down. The closest lifting point was 65 feet away. Crane companies were called, but they did not want to deal with cars. Tow companies were called, but they did not have the proper equipment. C&L Towing was called, and all of the cars were removed without a scratch.